Carlos Roberto Allen was born on July 23, 1970 in Colon, Panama, and is the eldest of four children.   His father, Carlos Allen Sr., served his country in the US Military and the Viet Nam War.  His mother, Anna Allen, a dedicated military wife, worked outside of the home to help provide for the family. He grew up in a home that promoted discipline, fairness, the importance of education and economic rights for all people. As a child in a military family he traveled throughout Europe.  He attended schools in Germany, New York and Georgia. His travels helped him develop the important philosophy promoted by his father to never judge a person, until you’ve walked in their shoes.

Drawn to Serve.
Carlos left
Georgia in 1990 and moved to Mount Pleasant a residential community in Washington, DC, the same neighborhood he resides in today. Carlos is a self-trained financial consultant and most of his experience comes from owning his own companies. His entrepreneurial spirit emerged as early as 12, when Carlos would bike the local paper route and deliver awaiting news to servicemen.   Throughout his career Carlos has owned and operated several companies, including credit - financial consulting, mortgage lending, real estate investing, and a philanthropic internet magazine.

His most endearing business venture, HUSH Society Magazine, started from humble beginnings in 2009 when Carlos and his team committed their efforts to uplift individuals and organizations whose sole objectives were to help others. Today, HUSH Society Magazine is world recognized and still focused on working and helping people receive the exposure they deserve.

After a successful twenty-year career in private business, and as a long standing D.C. Resident, Carlos became aware of the political problems plaguing The District., specifically, he was troubled, as were many D.C. residents by ineffective career politicians with self-fulfilling special interests. These politicians never worked with the interest of the District’s residents at heart.  Carlos now wants to transform that.

Carlos’ platform includes a strong advocacy for investing in youth entrepreneurial leadership, education, enabling children to reach their full potential, the promotion of early childhood health, and initiatives to aid children, and young adults. Carlos’ record shows that he is a lifelong champion of social, racial and economic justice.

"Let's recognize the need for problem-solving, new ideas that will focus on unemployment and poverty issues in the District of Columbia. (LET'S NOT GIVE AWAY THE FISH, LET'S TEACH OUR PEOPLE HOW TO FISH)!"

Carlos Allen is a dedicated and caring entrepreneur. His internationally recognized humanitarian website, "" ("Help Us Support Humanity) has been visited by hundreds of thousands throughout the world. Carlos and HUSH Society Magazine are continuously working to find new ways to help individuals, and as Mayor, he would like to transfer his knowledge and skill to create a better city for the residents of The District.

A leader who will work to help everyone and fight to uplift all DC Residents.
Carlos is a strong advocate for the President’s recently passed, Health Plan; and feels that this is the right step towards helping increase the quality of life in The District.

Carlos’s story of humble beginnings is rare in government these days. It is the story of a leader whose experience, values, leadership style and perspective, were shaped by a life lived outside of politics.

Here are the strengths that Carlos Allen has to offer:

• He is an energetic candidate who is focused on helping the residents of The District.
• He is a candidate that wants to change D.C. politics for the better.

• He is pledges to be accessible to the community and to maintain an open door policy.
• He is an accomplished community activist with the interests of the residents of The District at heart. 

Carlos Allen is passionate about life and helping others and believes that through this passion, he can transform the way politics are done in The District.  Let’s work together and CRASH THE NONSENSE OUT OF DC POLITICS!!! Are you ready? We are, show your support by voting for Carlos Allen For Mayor April 1, LET’S GO!



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